From biographer and broadcaster Rix Quinn
Three ways Minute Messages©
help readers remember stories and ads

1. What implants songs and slogans in our memories?  I believe it’s

 2. What helps us better recall what we read?
 HEARING that information, also.
3. From the newspaper article The mouth is mightier than the pen: “New research shows that text-based communication may make individuals sound less intelligent and employable than when the same information is COMMUNICATED ORALLY.”  These are the reasons I recommend Minute Messages©.  They combine short stories with radio-style delivery.

Let me show you how to summarize major features in 200 words or less…then RECORD each as 60-second audio that can appear in your online edition or on your web site.  This gives the reader a chance to both see and hear the story.

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Minute Messages – in addition to appearing on web sites – can also be attached to e-mail correspondence.

Two “secrets” behind the Minute Message System.
(1) You condense as many print stories as possible to 200 words or less.
(2) You record them as 60-second, radio-style reports, post them on your web site, and e-mail them to readers or clients.

The system is explained in this short book, which costs about the same as an inexpensive dinner for two.  Here’s the link:
Minute Message System

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