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     A memorable story, says biographer Rix Quinn, requires three things: a person, a problem, and a purpose.
     Quinn discovered this while working as a national business magazine writer.  "Many of the people we interviewed were successful business founders," he explains.  "But I wanted to find out their life interests, and the major reasons they chose their professions."
     Over some 20-plus years, Quinn saw that memorable true stories had much in common with timeless fables by Aesop and the Brothers Grimm.
     Quinn, who holds degrees from Texas Christian University and California State, also undertook a quest to determine a story's ideal length.  What is it?
     He says it's about 250 to 300 words.  And, he says, the story must teach a lesson, or convey a purpose.
     "Look at some classic tales.  'Three Little Pigs' is about 210 words.  'The Little Engine That Could' is 211 words.  'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' is under 150 words. The Tortoise and the Hare' is only 155 words.'"
     Quinn's applies this formula daily in his work as a business biographer.  Through trial-and-error, he's compiled a list of 103 questions to help almost any business construct a Personal Portrait to emphasize its specialization.
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